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What is Bonsaime?

In a nutshell, we can say that this is a site for its users can show their work to the rest of the world. The user can have a gallery to upload photos of their trees at different stages of their development.

Need I sign up?

No. You don't need to sign up, you can navigate freely throughout the web, and enjoy the work of registered users.

Why sign up?

To be able to upload your pictures, and so having your own space on the web.

Who can sign up?

Anyone can sign up. It does not matter if you're a beginner or represent a great partnership, everyone has a place in Bonsaime. The important thing is that you can display your work freely.

Is it free?

Yes. Definitely, yes.

Where do I start?

The first step is sign up. To sign up simply complete the form with the information you requested. This data is a name that will be your identity on the Web, an e-mail and password. The latter two, e-mail address and password, are used to going to manage your photos.

Recuerda que te enviamos un mensaje a tu cuenta de correo con un enlace para confirmar la activación de tu cuenta ( NO OLVIDES REVISAR TU CARPETA DE CORREO NO DESEADO ) .

What are my registration data?

Bonsaime not asked you anything important. Only you're asked a few details necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Only use your name and e-mail for communication between users of the web.

What are the pictures that I upload?

All the photos that you upload to Bonsaime are your property. Bonsaime only a tool to display and store your work.

How to upload a photo?

Dentro de la pantalla para subir un bonsái selecciona la foto que quieres subir y pulsa enviar. Puedes subir varias fotos al mismo tiempo, para ello sigue seleccionando fotos. Cuando una foto termina de subir aparece una caja de edición para escribir el título y descripción de la foto.

Write a descriptive text for a photo

You can write a text next to each of your photos. To edit this text you have to sign in and click on a photo to edit. On the page that opens you'll see a picture next to the editable text box with two buttons below ("Done" and "Cancel"). Write a description of the photo and then click the button "Done". You can change the text whenever you want.

It's important to write a title for your photos.

It's important that you write the title of your photos. This title will help to quickly identify the photo and gives a clear idea of what we are seeing.

You can change the title of your photos by entering your e-mail address and password, then enter the display of the photo you'll see the title in an editable text box with two buttons on the side ("Done" and "Cancel"). Enter a title and click "Done". You can change the title as many times as you want.

Can I change a picture on the other?

No. If you do not like a picture you have to delete it. You can't replace it with another photo.

How to delete a photo?

Puedes borrar tus fotos. Para ello entra con tu e-mail y contraseña. Justo debajo de la foto verás un enlace "Borrar", pulsa el enlace y se borrará la foto y todo lo relacionado con ella ( título, descripción y comentarios ). Si tu foto está relacionada con una evolución tendrás que eliminarla primero de la evolución para poder borrarla.


Below each photo you have a comment section. The comments can perform any registered user. Each time someone makes you a comment a message is sent to you from Bonsaime (this is configurable). You can also make comments to photos of other users.

You can delete the comments sent to you directly. You can delete your comments if you like. The comments can not be changed. Please do not use the comments to insult.

Tell your friends photos of interesting

You can recommend a photo to your friends. First, sign up, and you'll see under the photo for a link "Send to a friend". Press to open a form, fill in the e-mail, you can also write a text. Pressing "Submit" will be sent an e-mail recommending the photo.

Create your favorites list

Adds users to your favorites list so you can see your photos whenever you want. Sign in first. To add a user to your favorite search a star next to the name of the author. Clicking on the star can add or delete users of your favorites.

. It means that you already have a user on your list of favorites. You can press it to remove the user from your list of favorites.
. The user is not on your favorites list, click to add it to your favorites.

Your favorites list appears right on the screen when you view your own photos. When you view the photos of other users, you see the list of favorites from that user, not yours.

What are tags?

Tags are some names you give to your photos. They serve to bring together multiple photos under one name. You can have multiple photos on a single bonsai and want those photos grouped under a common name (label). This way you will be much easier to have organized your photos, especially when you have many.

How to create and delete tags?

Crear etiquetas para tus fotos es muy fácil. Entra con tu e-mail y contraseña, y dirigete a la foto que deseas poner una etiqueta. A la derecha de la foto, verás una caja de texto editable. Escribe el nombre de etiqueta que deseas crear, utiliza la "coma" o "Enter" para separar etiquetas.

En el siguiente enlace puedes ver un vídeo de su utilización: Como crear etiquetas para tu bonsai

Configuration options

You have some options configurable, with which you can customize your user Bonsaime. You'll find these settings by clicking the link "Settings" which is next to your name at the top of the screen.

  • Change Password.
    Change your password when you think fit. Use a password that is easy for you to remember, while attempting a password that is sufficiently difficult to guess.
  • Tu imagen de perfil
    Selecciona una imagen para utilizar como foto de perfil.
  • Algunas cosas sobre tí
    En este apartado puedes escribir una descripción sobre tí o indicar tu página web para que los demás usuarios te conozcan mejor.
  • Alerts by e-mail.
    Check "When someone makes you a comment" to receive an e-mail every time you make a comment to one of your photos. If you do not want to receive notification uncheck this box.
  • Tu localización.
    Esta opción te permite decir de dónde eres. Busca tu ciudad y guarda tu posición ( puedes arrastrar tu posición para ser más exacto ). No recomendamos que pongas tu dirección exacta.

To save the changes you have to remember to enter your current password in the appropriate field.

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